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Traditional Romanian Cuisine

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Menu Selection
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Valahia Restaurant

offers its guests the gamut of traditional Romanian dishes - around 100 different recipes - grouped according to their places of origin :

  • traditional recipes from Banat
  • Moldavian specialities
  • medieval / game dishes

The menus come in 3 separate language versions apart from Romanian : English, Italian and Hungarian. The average portions are hearty, but Valahia's prices are not considered over-the-top if compared to other restaurants in Timisoara.

The wine list is carefully selected and includes premium Romanian wines Lacrima lui Ovidiu si Grasa de Cotnari 1979, as well as French wines and Mumm Champagne.


Here is a sample of what guests can eat at Valahia:

  • warm Appetizer "Valahia" (a type of Ploughman's, Romanian-style) consisting of: vintage cheese, meatballs, cabbage rolls with chicken breast, ham and cheese filling, sauteed chicken livers and lamb brains with egg
  • Cockerel Soup with Banater Dumplings
  • "Ciocanele" : drumsticks with mushroom sauce and polenta pudding
  • Pork Roast with Lamb Brain Stuffing
  • Meatloaf "Valahia"
  • Plum Dumplings ("Galuste cu prune")
  • Vanilla Milk with Merengue Floats ("Lapte de pasare")

Valahia Restaurant * 52, Liviu Rebreanu Blvd.
Timisoara * Romania * +40-256-486104